Michele Gazich is a musician, composer, songwriter and music producer.

His stile on his main instrument, the violin, is immediately recognizable.

Michele Gazich, since early 90s, has played in orchestras, chamber music groups, with singer songwriters and has performed his own songs and music in Europe and out of Europe.

Michele Gazich has played on more than fifty albums.

He has been a professor at the University and gave courses about music and poetry.

He played with real masters of folk, blues and alternative country like Eric Andersen, Mary Gauthier, Tom Russell, John Hammond, Victoria Williams, Michelle Shocked and Mark Olson.

Gazich composed music for theatres and movies. Among the plays: Il Sogno del Fuoco (1998), produced by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano / Teatro d’Europa, Elogio della Follia (2001), Un Cantico (2007). Gazich played on the soundtrack of the movie Le ragioni dell’aragosta (2007) by Sabina Guzzanti.

2000 – today Collaboration with Eric Andersen, tour in Europe and USA. Album Live in Cologne (Meyer Records 2011). Among the concerts: New York, Bottom Line (2003); Tokyo, Billboard Club (2012).

2006, september: Gazich is in Los Angeles in session for The Salvation Blues by Mark Olson, the comeback album by the founding member of the historical Jayhawks. Then Gazich played with Mark Olson a long tour: more than 300 concerts in USA and Europe in theatres and festivals between 2006 and 2008.

2008, may: Gazich performed in London, at the Royal Festival Hall, with Mary Gauthier, sharing the stage with the great Richard Thompson.

2008, december: Dieci Canzoni di Michele Gazich (Ten songs of Michele Gazich), a project produced by Gazich (he writes both lyrics and music) is published. Michele Gazich, after years and years on the road “brings it all back home” with a strong and original album that has immediately a warm response. During 2009 Gazich and band were constantly on tour in Italy and Europe. More albums are recorded with his band La Nave dei Folli (The Ship of Fools): March 2010, Dieci Esercizi per Volare (Ten exercises to fly); May 2010 EP Collemaggio; March 2011, Il giorno che la rosa fiorì (The day when the rose bloomed).

2011, november: Gazich wrote and published L’Imperdonabile (The Unforgivable) an unusual album of new songs recorded all alone, a new starting point.

2012: Gazich performed in Krakow after visiting the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. In the Cathedral of his hometown in Italy, Brescia, he recorded a special concert with a trio of multi-instrumentalists. Now the DVD concert is out in a Box Set Verso Damasco (Towards Damascus) with a documentary on Michele Gazich’s music, a CD and a book (in English too) with all the lyrics and other writings.

2013: April 7: Gazich performed in Rome his new composition for solo violin and voice Sette esercizi di celabrazione per Pasqua / Pesah (Seven exercises of celebration for Pasqua / Pesah).

April-May: Northern Europe tour (Denmark, UK, Ireland) with Mary Gauthier.

September 28: Gazich performed at the Celebration for the centenary of Albert Camus with the painter Oliver Jordan and Eric Andersen at the presence of the philosopher’s daughter Catherine.

2014: march 1st: Una storia di mare e di sangue (A tale of sea and blood), the new album by Michele Gazich about the tales of migration of his own family is published.


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